Can I take down

Hey! I have an idea, what about If I take down Yellow ?

Seriously… just me, from home, here in my home office looking at my garden. What about If I take down YellowPages by producing something so freaking amazing that anyone that looks at YellowPages thinks… mmm Gab’s stuff is better.

So let me do quick brainstorming and analyse why sucks.

1. Corporate look, boring user experience.

2. The info provided by Yellowpages is mainly one thing. DATA.

3. The DATA is not even current in many cases.

4. You go to yellow pages, you find what u are looking for… you get out of there.

5. Why visit Yellow pages if you can Google it (right?)


So how to become better than yellow pages? How to simply Crush them by doing something 100% different?

To start: by offering something UNIQUE . 

Something FRESH

Something HUMAN.

Yes Baby: Human

Yellow pages is created by Robots, by boring Bots that scrape data about all type of industries and provide ZERO value to the end user… (to you!)

So if I want to provide VALUE to humans, I need to let the HUMANS provide value to “their content” – isn’t that a smart theory?

Well… no more talking about it, instead let me reveal my new baby.

(and yes… it’s a baby…. still growing in silence, waiting for someone to notice how amazing it’s really going to be)


Presenting….. (drums please)



What is, the first network of interview-driven directories in Australia.

If you are thinking “oh no! Another boring directory….” – then STOP and READ

This is not a collection of directories… these are fresh, full of juicy content sites where the main players in each industry reveal what they think and love of their industry, businesses and professions.

The idea is simply amazing (even If I say so) … and I’m in love with the fact of providing amazing sites and content for different industries.

So far you can see some of the network sites here

Clearly everyone keeps asking me… lovely idea dude: but how will you make money.
And my answer is: Who cares just yet?The fact is that each day, I’m building sites that I think … they matter. Sites that people love. Sites that people are happy to share with the world…
and that means, that one day, human generated rich-content directories… WILL take down Dinosaurs like
So keep en eye to …. tons of amazing businesses, entrepreneurs waiting to tell you why their business ROCKS.
What do you think?
  • Is YellowPages dead?
  • Can Human content driven diretories hurt Corporate monsters like YellowPages?

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SEO professional living in the South Coast of NSW - Australia. SEO is what I do... I'm not a web guy, or a webmaster, or a designer... I just do SEO ;) Love it. Enjoy it and I still have fun doing it."> Gabriel Machuret


  1. Doublee   •  

    Hi Gab,
    The site is a good idea, i hope that it will be successful.
    I want to comment about the idea of making the site, it is about:
    “how will you make money – who cares just yet? … Sites that people are happy to share with the world”
    That is a really nice way of think.
    Provide sites with value and later you can win money with them but if you don´t, no problem. You can make another site and try again.
    Of course you have to earn some money for you and your family, but there is a time that you look around and you realize that it is time to do something better
    If people in the world think in that way it will be a better place to live.
    You are young and with ideas like this you could do a lot of good things
    Congratulations again, and continue … just continue in that way.
    (Pon tu granito de arena para crear un mundo mejor)


  2. James   •  

    You are right Gabriel. I have never been able to find anything in Yellow Pages. I always end up getting lost. Such tiny fonts and boring outlay makes it extremely difficult to find what we are looking for. Maybe it was designed just to make people spend time on it rather than actually finding what they want. There has already been several replacements for Yellow Pages and I think after a couple of years, Yellow Pages will be nothing but a database of information which does not support read only function.


    Gabriel Machuret Reply:

    Hi James, yes Yellowpages seems to the favorite site only for scrappers …. ;)


  3. SAPI   •  

    Hi, I work with the Yellow Pages API team. We welcome your challenge to build a better Yellow Pages experience. We agree there is always room for innovation. In fact, we invite you to use our freely available Sensis API to help do it. No need to scrape the site anymmore.

    Also keep an eye out for our upcoming competitions and hackathons, where we’re awarding prizes for innovative ideas like TopNetwork.

    If you are interested you can register for an API key at or follow us on Twitter @SensisAPI to learn when we run our next hackathon.

    I hope we can surprise you by showing how innovative a company we really are.


    Gabriel Machuret Reply:

    Thanks, I’m impressed you posted a comment.
    Thanks for the invite, but using your API doesn’t solved the problem that Yellowpages doesn’t really bring any value to the table.
    Why will I need to use your API to use in a site like where my site has 10000 times more VALUABLE information that your compilation of phone numbers?

    If you guys want to be an innovative company, give me a call to talk about it, 0419585863.


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