Can You make a Living from SEO? Living as an SEO proffesional.

The answer is Yes. You can make a living, in fact a VERY NICE living from SEO.
But before you quit your Accountant Job ;) or your Scuba Diver job ;) you need to read the following post.

–> Every week I get a lot of emails of people that want to become an SEO consultant, so I decided to answer some of the most common questions in this post <–

How much money does an SEO professional makes?

The answer is: As much as you WANT to.

I believe that the sky is the limit and in fact I could be making 2, 3 times more money that I make already If I wish to.

In my case, I have worked hard towards achieving a balance between building my business and trying to improve my quality of life. (This means: more time with my kids at the beach, at the park and building Lego with my 5 year old  ;)

So before you think about how much money can you make doing SEO.. think about the REAL goals you want to achieve.

how much money do you need to survive?
and how much money do you need to be happy?
how hard are you willing to work?

How do I know when I’m good enough in SEO to start selling my services?

This is a typical question and my answer is always the same: As soon as YOU CAN RANK for a though keyword in a competitive market , then you are ready.

Now, keep in mind that being ready is not always enough… this means you need to understand that ranking YOUR site is different than ranking other peoples sites.

“Other sites” are not just “sites”… in fact they are their online businesses, and they depend on ranking and traffic to generate leads and business. Therefor you need to be serious, professional and even more important: You need to DELIVER what you promise.

What is the best part and the worst part of working as an SEO professional?

In my case the best part is the fact that I control my time and I can decide when do I work and when do I spend time with my kids at the beach.
There are no set times…. you can always work for your clients… I just need my laptop and my amazing SEO super powers. That’s it.

The worst part is that it is not easy and you always need to improve…. I mean, ALWAYS

I spend at least 10 hours per week studying . I simply want to be the best SEO nerd out there… but more than that I want to always be one step ahead.

Because if you are going to do this for a living you need to understand that your business depends on a 3rd party: Google.

It doesn’t matter how good you are, if you don’t manage to ADAPT and be fast enough to change your tactics, all your skills can disappear overnight.

This is a constant game: You need to learn new tricks all the time.

How can I compete vs the Big companies?

The easy answer is: By being you.

This is the deal : SEO companies SUCK. Well, not all of them, in fact there are some few good guys, but the public, the normal small business owner doesn’t TRUST the SEO companies. Just go and google for SEO company and check their websites. Mmmm they all look the same. They all say the same, they all smell the same, they all work in the same way.

In reality they are boring, they don’t inspire people, they don’t manage to REACH the reader. There is zero identity .

So create your own identity , work hard in branding yourself as a person that is GOOD in SEO and not as a “SEO guru”.

SEO gurus… usually are arrogant and they believe to be in a higher level than the rest of the world.

Be human, be kind to people… and you will see how that converts in more customers, more followers, more readers and more business.

How do I get my first customers?

Getting your first SEO customer is easy if you are willing to face your fears and just go for it.

I believe the BEST way to get customers is to have them “find you” .  This means is: they should be able to reach you first before you reach them.

But I also understand this tactic is difficult when you are starting so the easiest way is to start in your area. Start small, start cheap… so you get experience in dealing with customers. Remember: as an SEO consultant you need to SELL your services. If you can’t sell, learn how to do it. Otherwise your business will be a complete failure.

Should I offer money back guarantee or Guarantee Ranking?

It all depends on your skills… and how good you are. I offer money back guarantee if people are not satisfy with my work. So far this year I had over 50+ customers and not one single money back request .

Remember… there are no set rules. It depends on YOU…  you are the SEO professional, therefor people buy YOUR services and your skills.

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SEO professional living in the South Coast of NSW - Australia. SEO is what I do... I'm not a web guy, or a webmaster, or a designer... I just do SEO ;) Love it. Enjoy it and I still have fun doing it."> Gabriel Machuret


  1. Chris   •  

    Hi Gabriel,
    One question in addition to your post; do you ever wonder if SEO will ever be extinct? I mean at this stage Google acts like a monopoly and all SEOs depend on it. And technology has been changing so fast so that I cant almost imagine SEO in 10 years.. Whats your opinion? (I hope this question wont fall into your weekly top 10 silliest question category – Sorry).


    Gabriel Machuret Reply:

    Chris… I don’t think that the end of SEO is even never… at the end of the day, Google will always will need to develop or have a system to rank sites. And today, tomorrow or in 10 years… you will have 10 results in the top 10… so people will always want to be higher…
    So SEO is alive and healthy.


  2. Claire   •  

    Hi Gab. I wonder if you could elaborate on your last comment in relation to Google’s Local Search changes. I mean, it seems this is going to impact SEO massively since organic search results will be pushed all the way down the page whereas PPC rankings will eventually prevail, or not? Right now, local searches are all over the first page, and in future (not yet available in Oz), local searches will also have two additional PPC components attached to it. I suppose Google is all about charging for traffic in future which may/may not make SEO redundant?! How do you handle these changes as an SEO professional? I am also a bit frustrated since I am a novice/intermediate in SEO and wanted to make a living from it. Any advice you can give me how to reflect these Google changes? (You perhaps you could write a new post about this topic?!) ;-) Thanks!


    Gabriel Machuret Reply:

    Hi Claire

    Yep… google places is a pain in the *ss… but if you look at the pages that rank on top position for Google places… I bet many of them will also rank in top position without google places.
    Although google places has it’s own ranking factors (citations, reviews, etc) … in many cases you find a position in google that goes over Google places… the case of real Authority sites.
    So can you go over the 7 positions of Google places?
    Yes you can.
    You just need to put a bit of extra work in the link building and being smart regarding what type of keyword you want to go for.

    I may work on an article about Google Places… ;) thanks for stopping by.


  3. Claire   •  

    Thanks Gab! The other big question I have is also; how does the 7 positions of Google places and the organic rankings work together? I mean, is it esier to get no.1 ranking in the organic results when I am optimized in the local searches – Or vice-versa – does it help to get local rankings when I am well optimized in my organic rankings? What parts of the optimization game play a role here? An article on this would be excellent since I try to find as much info as possible on the topic! Thanks Gab, your advice is mostly appreciated and respected ;-) Claire


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