Dear Cameron Norsworthy: Link Exchange Tactics are Useless

I own over 300 websites and therefor I always get hit by the typical Link exchange spam. This is usually normal when the link exchange is requested by a “Indian Marketing Specialist” offering me a GREAT STUPID DEAL, where we can BUILD A STRONGER INTERNET MARKETING PRESENCE by exchanging links. –> yeah right.

But what is interesting is when the “link exchange” spam comes from an Australian Marketing and SEO company.

Yesterday I enjoy an email from Cameron Norsworthy from a so-called SEO company in Perth.

The email started like this


I would love to exchange links with you, I have 2 web design sites, please see the text below. Please add my link to a relevant (theme: marketing, web design, seo etc) website and send me the link. I will then add your site to my sites

The funny thing is that Cameron websites,  Wave Marketing and Wave SEO (sorry no links today!) are sites with ZERO Pagerank, ZERO Authority and I bet ZERO Traffic.

Although this is OK… what kills me is how non-original Cameron was to request a link exchange from me.

Some typical lame mistakes done by compulsive link exchangers

1. Copy and paste template: If you are going to ask me for a link… at least write a unique email. Don’t be lazy .. come on dude a bit of an effort and try at least to tell me in your own words

a) who are you? Tell me your story… inspire me!

b) why should we exchange links with YOU?

c) Why did you choose my site?

2.  Harvest my email : Obviously Cameron decides to ENGAGE my attention by writing : Hello ! … instead of … “hey Gabriel, I love your website and I have read all your articles. How are you mate?”

The thing that makes me upset is that an Australian “SEO Expert” uses this LAME tactics to get a backlink. Come on ! Is this as good as it gets?

3. Link Exchange Tactics are Useless : And this is the most scary part. If you really know about SEO, you don’t go wasting your time by asking for link exchange… specially NOT to other SEO companies.  It is time to dance to the 2010 Google tune.  Do you really think Link exchange works? Do you really think that sending emails asking for link charity is the proper link building path to go?

It is time to act like a real internet marketing company: Create your own links for god sake.
Go and create authority content, be part of communities, write articles, reports, provide value and then links will start coming in a natural way.

So to recap:

1). Whatever happen avoid any company that offers you in their SEO packages any link exchange solution or strategy: They are wasting your time and money.

2) If you get an email from Cameron Norsworthy requesting a backlink to his PERTH SEO business… give him the following links to feed his SEO brain cells:

3) Be smart, be original… use creativity to create back links : there are THOUSANDS OF ways to go to get backlinks… so instead of “begging” for links. Go out there and show the world how good you are. Instead of aiming to be a link exchange spammer be a Link Building Superstar… o a freaking Ninja like me ;)

So Cameron if you are reading this: Dance with the tune of the the Video Below….

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  1. Nick   •  

    Yea, I get emails for link exchange all the time. I have not done an exchange so far. I do not believe in it. I think links should be one way. It is so clear to search engines that we have exchanged links if they are both ways.
    Nick´s last blog post ..AVG – Free Download


  2. Paul   •  

    WOW! Thats bitter


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