Fear of Failure? You Bet! [Video]

I made this video after so many emails and messages that came from my Mixergy Interview. The whole idea is to address fear of failure…. so…. here we go:

So much fear these days.
My fears:
My ears look to big in this video?
Nobody will watch this video.
People will think I have no social life and I live in my office.
Fear of people laughing ….
Fear of hate email.
Fear of failure.
Fear of not making it….
Fear of not getting any comments to my video ;)

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SEO professional living in the South Coast of NSW - Australia. SEO is what I do... I'm not a web guy, or a webmaster, or a designer... I just do SEO ;) Love it. Enjoy it and I still have fun doing it."> Gabriel Machuret


  1. Big Mike Downunder   •  

    Hey gab, great vid – you really got me thinking about how it doesn’t matter what others think as long as you give it a shot and hope for the best. (Although I’m not signing up to boxing anytime soon… :P )

    It’d be great if you to post more vlogs – Love watchin’ em :)

    Have fun in Fiji!


  2. Remco   •  

    Hey Gabriel,

    You are so right….Tony Robbins say that people either act based on PLEASURE (getting something nice) or PAIN (running away from it = fear).
    I myself actually have some years experience with kickboxing, so I now the feeling of getting a jab in the nose ;-) It can’t stop you continuing though!

    I recently made an online video about creating change, and basically overcoming fear on http://www.sportmanagement.cc

    With your video I’ll definitely follow trough, to make a second video


  3. BizzBuzz   •  

    Hey mate,

    Pumping me up to get some video interviews happening for Bizz Buzz :) . Definitely want to make this a priority for our site (we run a small business deals site).



    Gabriel Machuret Reply:

    Happy to be your 1st interview Marcus.


  4. Farrel   •  

    You really inspire me a lot Gabriel in different way. Good to know about having a great interview with the experts. Yes, I do agree on your statement about working late at night and fear. Fear is built-in for each individual. The matter is that on how to conquer fear and to stand with it. Thanks for sharing this one. Your video attachment is great.


    Gabriel Machuret Reply:

    Cheers Farrel, glad you like it mate. Welcome to the site.


  5. Becca   •  

    I had the same fear before when i started working online..
    so many what if’s…
    glad i tried and i realized i can make it the other can do.

    nice video!


  6. Sudhasap   •  

    This post has a lot of importance to the people…I hope you can continue to inspire and post more of this…Thanks


  7. Farrel   •  

    Thanks for allow me here Gabriel. I will look forward for your upcoming updates.


  8. Jenny   •  

    One must learn to conquer one’s fear . Dont make false interpretations , instead face the reality boldy and courageously . Life is a daring adventure . Replace the negative images with the positive ones . Enjoy your work at workplace and also spare time for your social life.


  9. Nikolay   •  

    Hi. Very good video man. It is always good to hear some inspiration and confidence. As you say this damn FEAR is so big in people, and in me for sure too :) . And really (again as you say) people around me do not really understand me. Friends, family and so on. They care, but they do not actually know what exactly I do :D .
    I think visiting a forum for webmasters helps though. But do not waste much time there. Set a rule, for example 1 visit per day and that is it. Also I read personal development books and slowly I see how I become more confident and have more faith in me and the universe. For example the book Outwitting The Devil from Napoleon Hill is really great (sorry for the promotion). It gave me a different viewpoint of FEAR. It is like all positive thought are mine, but all negative are from the Devil and are a lie. It is really interesting and useful book. There are other too. But this was the most recent I read.


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