Google is Broken

Google is broken.
It broke based on greed.
Greed to protect brands. Greed to get more advertisers. Yep… I know what you think: Google is Good and Google want’s more quality. But you know what? you are wrong. Google is simply so confused about “how to protect their market” they are going down hill…… fast….

And yes, today there was a new update. A crazy one. I went from position 1 for SEO professional to 3rd. and from 2nd position for SEO consultant to 1st. All that without any new link building. Crazy? you dam bet. But the issue is… that doesn’t bother me, what bothers me is… all the REAL businesses putting HARD FREAKING WORK in their content and their sites, that get DESTROYED by an algorithm that has very little freaking logic.

And yes… you, Mr Google BRAIN EXPERT, Mr “QUALITY SEEKERS”, YOU GUYSneed to get your act together and fix your stupid Algorithm

Results for Cooking Schools:



Yep an ATM… a freaking ATM. Well done PANDA UPDATE. TOP QUALITY OUT THERE.

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  1. Big Mike DownUnder   •  

    Hey Gab – finally a new post! The SEO world is up in arms over these bizarre Google updates. You’re absolutely right about Google going down hill – it’s no longer a technology company but an online advertiser, and as long as that becomes it’s direct business focus, quality and easy on use on behalf of both web users and webmasters is going to suffer.

    I’ve been reading blog posts, press releases and forum threads and it seems as though Google is wildly penalizing sites based off the thinking you’re guilty until proven innocent, resulting in massive drops in rankings for no apparent reason at all! When will this madness end!? Haha – actually all Google has to do is allow *webmasters* to filter the links pointing to their site so they can choose to accept or decline links that Google’s found, as they want. What do you think? Would this work?

    I’ve also read that in this respect, the mystified concept of ‘negative SEO’ has shown to become more of a reality – blasting your competitor sites with thousands of poor backlinks and knocking them off their perch!

    Apart from this blog of yours, which as you said has bounced both up and down for different keywords, have any of your client websites been seriously impacted?

    HA – and I just love that cooking schools example you included – maybe Google is just encouraging you to withdraw cash to pay for the cooking classes before you attend? LOL.

    And how’d you enjoy your three day, internet-free break? I don’t think I could have made it ;)



    Gabriel Machuret Reply:

    hey Big mate… sorry for not being around. Busy trying to control the world falling down.
    I had tons of clients loosing ranking and tons of them winning …. in many cases we have seen cases of negative SEO working.
    you bet…
    man I may need know 30 days of internet-google-break… lol


  2. John eWeb   •  

    My site plummeted in the rankings yesterday for almost every keyword (, I hope it is a bug in there latest algorithm update!!!!

    Type in “viagra” and look who comes up in number 7 a graphic design company and look at some of the sites above, hacked sites….


    Gabriel Machuret Reply:

    I know John
    I don’t think the update will be “fixed”… time to play with different rules….


  3. Ozlat   •  

    I couldn’t agree more… google has totally lost the plot in this round of updates and will surely get things back in order asap… otherwise what is the point to it all? I did notice a nice improvement though in terms of any websites with a video embedded… well that video now gets shown in the search engine listing…. LOVING THAT!


  4. Marketing Web   •  

    Hi Gab, I haven’t been here for a while but thought i’d drop by – hope you are well!

    Curiosity got the better of me so i clicked on the link, and it’s quite simple how Google got confused. This ATM is at a Fish Market, and has been erroneously listed in Google Places with a category of “Dining and Eating Out”.

    Looking further, i’ve realised that Google is confused between the ATM and this business which is basically at the same location (Sydney Seafood School):,or.r_gc.r_pw.r_cp.r_qf.,cf.osb&biw=1876&bih=1013&um=1&ie=UTF-8&q=cooking+schools&fb=1&gl=au&hq=cooking+schools&hnear=0x6b129838f39a743f:0x3017d681632a850,Sydney,+NSW&cid=13916973741484413364&ei=FSqeT9jYL-2yiQfVzqTIBw&sa=X&oi=local_result&ct=placepage-link&resnum=1&ved=0CJQBEOIJMAA

    This sort of thing isn’t new. For the search term Promotional Products it had “Chinatown” in Melbourne (the area of the town, not a business) listed for many years at number 2, but it’s gone now!

    But you are right, Google is in many ways getting worse not better.



  5. Marketing Web   •  

    ACTUALLY – On second thoughts Google IS broken!

    The link above i copied from the toolbar when i went to the Sydney Seafood Cooking School page – but as soon as I hit refresh or click the link – it goes to the ATM again! hahahaha



    Gabriel Machuret Reply:

    Hey matt, sorry for my late reply.. yes it’s broken but still King so I still play under Google stupid chess rules….


  6. Kieth   •  

    This is a classic, see what comes up for “pokies online”. A catholic primary school! Crazy stuff at Google.


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