Melbourne, SEO and Rock and Roll Rabbits

Before I start let me clarify that I’m NOT DRUNK at this exact moment… so bare with me in this random, weird and strange post.

Today I’m in Melbourne… the cultural capital of Australia. Lovely city, a bit cold, a bit weird, a bit to busy for me.

It’s a weird, I have been away from home for less than 2 days and I already miss my 2 young ratbags, my home office, my wife and my dog. (pretty sad huh?)

Anyway, Melbourne has help me a bit to put things in a different perspective.

As many of you know I live in a very small town and I work mainly from home.

I usually never meet my customers and I like it that way. My job can be done from any place in the world and I believe that gives me some type of objectivity . I’m not linked to any Company, any “business tendency” and even the fact that I my first language is not English, (but Spanish) gives me a bit of a different perspective.

But some times, like any other person… I seem to mainly focus on on the same things.

In my case with SEO, it seems in the last months it has been all about the links.

Links, links, links, links and more more LINKS

But today I realized that may be…it’s not JUST ABOUT THE LINKS.

That’s why  today I want to talk about things that make me tick… things that ROCK.

Things that simply go away from “the normal, boring, conventional stuff we see every day” … things that are unique, so unique, we feel like telling someone about it… things so unique we think “that’s freaking cool I want and I really want to share it with someone”.

Because the idea of being freaking cool can be also taken to the concept of SEO.

Let me explain this:

I went for a walk 1 hour ago…  (at 9:00 pm) , and during my walk… I saw over 10.000 “normal” things… normal cars, normal shops, normal people, normal signs, normal buses, normal trams, normal dogs, normal walls… but then I saw 2 AMAZING things:

A Tram-Restaurant… and a Rock and Roll Rabbit.

The Tram Restaurant it’s simply a beautiful idea: You can have dinner in a classic tram, while going around the city of Melbourne. The tram looks lovely inside, and while everyone runs crazy trying to escape from traffic… the people in the tram are in fact enjoying the traffic. They actually pay to be inside the traffic – like a perfect bubble, surrounded by charm and some type of magic.
The thing that made me think: That’s a freaking cool idea was … people INSIDE the tram were happy… happy while the whole city surrounding them where just miserable and stressed out.

I loved the idea.

Then I saw a young guy, dressed like a Rabbit… yep… full Bugs Bunny Type Custom… playing the electric Guitar.

I had some difficulty getting close… he had over 100 to 200 people surrounding him, clapping… in the middle of the freezing night, while he has playing Guns and Roses dressed as a Rabbit.

I heard people behind me saying…

- Look! Look! There he is Again! The Rock Rabbit! I love the Rock Rabbit…

When I stopped to look around, I saw 200 people amazed, happy… enjoying the fact that there was a rock rabbit, in the middle of the city, in front of them, rocking with an electric guitar.

Now: Don’t get me wrong…. I know what you are thinking.

“What’s the BIG DEAL”?????

It’s just a guy with a Rabbit suit!!!!

But in this case, it was a Rabbit playing guitar in the place you less expected to meet a Rabbit playing guitar.

(you get my point?)




this made me think about this site… with 99 post so far…

I really want to be like the people in the tram… or like the Rock Bunny…. I really want to achieve for my own site, and for my own customers,  the same feeling that people around the rock bunny experienced, the smiles, the surprise, that “cool factor”.

I have this weird theory that if you achieve the cool factor… SEO then becomes less important.

If your site rocks… screw google.

Really. screw google…

Actually let me put it in better words

F*ck google

F*ck Google if your site Rocks and your readers freaking love you.

If you put your heart and soul in your content, in your own strategy, in your marketing …

if you really are that guy in a bunny suit playing in the middle of the night and making people (your visitors) happy…
then you achieved the final objective.



I know many times I talk about links, budget, strategy, and I refer to SEO as a War… but may be this time, just for tonight, it’s important to understand that SEO it’s just one small piece the puzzle.

The important thing is to me remarkable , to be that Purple cow that Seth Godin talks so much…
Because may be , just may be … if you achieve to be excellent in what you do….
then may be Mr Google will also realize you are freaking rule   ;)

what do you think?  are you the shinny elegant tram in the middle of the traffic? or just another person stuck in the traffic?

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SEO professional living in the South Coast of NSW - Australia. SEO is what I do... I'm not a web guy, or a webmaster, or a designer... I just do SEO ;) Love it. Enjoy it and I still have fun doing it."> Gabriel Machuret


  1. Paul   •  

    Glad you made it down to Melbourne. I hope to catch up with you next time you come down. I agree why compete when you can innovate. Optimise your search results by being something different, something people want to see just like a rock n roll rabbit.


  2. Anna   •  

    You know a very inspiring post. I was enjoying your story about the tram’s restaurant and I even imagines myself in it. And of course the Rock Rabbit. I agree with you that we need our own way in SEO and become remarkable. But how to get this genius idea which will take you out of the traffic and put you in a tram? If it were so easy everybody would be rich


  3. Jason Mitchev   •  

    I can’t imagine being in the tram restaurant….it’s almost surreal. It’s like you are living in the crazy world but you are not really a part of it. Now….to get my “tram” (website) to be in the craziness but following a totally different, albeit popular, trend.
    Jason Mitchev´s last blog post ..Virginia Beach Dentist Choices Guide


  4. meredith   •  

    Great post Gabe, entertaining and illustrative as well, as usual!

    Maybe you better get out from behind the computer more often!
    The Tram Restaurant is very good :) thanks for reminding me of this good memory.

    Maybe the answer for Anna is to be passionate!


  5. Gus   •  

    I totally get what you mean! The things you mention, in their own creative way, stand out from the rest! And people love them for what they do, despite their strange or weird uniqueness.


  6. Andrew Walker   •  

    Well you see, you can find an inspiration for yourself, anywhere anytime. It pops up just like that, that’s why it’s called a nice surprise.
    Anyway, thanks for sharing this story with us.


  7. Very impressive Gabe!

    If you read between the lines, you can get more of what the post is really trying to say. Now, if you excel in everything you do and put all of your best efforts in your marketing campaigns online, it is more likely that you will have a higher chance to achieve a profitable success. And to make it possible, create something remarkable in your marketing campaigns that will become unforgettable to your customers.
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