The Stupidity Behind TopSEOs – Best SEO companies in Australia

So I have noticed that a lot of people talk about Top SEO website as a way to “find the best SEO companies” in Australia.
Ohhhhh my god…. what’s going wrong with the world?
So let me rant about Top SEO and give you 5 reasons why TOP SEO is simply a waste of YOUR TIME.

TOP SEO (Australia Version and International Version)
So how does TOP SEO works…
well easy: you register with them and a group of independent “reviewers” rank your SEO company depending on how GOOD you are.

But this is the best part… as any smart business TOP SEO want’s your money… oh yeah baby ….
Just check the registration section:

“Enjoy the benefits of being included in the premier inclusion package at Premier inclusion means being considered for rankings in the categories where you provide service and being highlighted as one of the top agencies in your area of practice. Select which categories you’re interested in from the selection box under “Categories You Service” and add them to the “Categories You Would Like To Be Ranked For”. Each category for consideration costs a flat rate of $1000 a month to focus on the categories that matter most to you.”

So in a few words: If you want us to rank you for what you want to be ranked… you need to pay 1K per month.

mmm fair isn’t?
I don’t think so…

because mainly what this gang is doing is: We rank people that can pay, if you don’t pay us… we don’t rank you .

But may be is just me… may be is just Gabriel, thinking that TOPSEOS is a scam…

Just in Australia , TOPSEOS claim to have one company as the Top Leading Company for SEO in Australia… where THAT company can’t even rank 1st for the keywords they are targeting in their link building campaign.

So who should rank SEO companies?
mmm what about if Google does that, instead of “Ranking Websites” that charge for inclusion.

what about if you find the best SEO services by Googling…

SEO services
SEO consultant ;)
SEO packages ;)
SEO company

At the end of the day… you are looking for SEO and if they are so good in SEO… shoudn’t they be ranking 1st for the keyword they are aiming to rank for?

So next time you looking for don’t let a stupid USA company tell you who is “good” and who is “not so good” … instead ask your peers, ask other business members… do your own homework and challenge the SEO company to prove why they are really TOP SEO professionals… ;)

End of rant !

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  1. SEO Companies   •  

    You have a reason dude, i agree there are a lot of companies claim that they’re really good in SEO Companies but its a waste of time and money. Its important to seek the real seo which rank the targeted keywords/phrases directly.


  2. Daniel Rose   •  

    I’m amazed people take them up on offers like this. They must, though, because there are so very many services like this.
    Think of the link farms where you can pay to list your site, it’s a bit crazy…
    Daniel Rose´s last blog post ..Is your performance a lie


    Gabriel Machuret Reply:

    what makes me upset is that I didn’t think of creating a scheme like that… pity huge $$$ naughty potential


  3. Mick Johnson   •  

    I guess it’s just like any other industry, where advertising companies (which is what topSEO is) take money to advertise services or products. It’s often the case that the product at the top isn’t the best, but because it’s represented as the best, the uneducated masses take it as gospel. I’m with you, if you’re an seo specialist, show me what you can do, not how much you can afford to spend on advertising – seo companies with no PR, paying for google adwords, doesn’t inspire confidence!!
    Mick Johnson´s last blog post ..Why do we google


  4. SEO Brisbane   •  

    I 100% agree with Mick – it’s all just another ‘evil’ way at marketing their unreputable products/services to the uneducated buyers. I say, DOWN WITH TOP SEO! However, by the looks of things they’re doing quite well…unfortuantely.


  5. Gordon   •  

    Nice Post! (im not spamming!!) LOL..

    really nice post. don’t like them too…


    Gabriel Machuret Reply:

    Hi Gordon
    thanks for the long comments…. I didn’t know if approved it or spam it. I guess you are lucky :)


  6. Gordon   •  



    call me when you come to Melbourne. :)


  7. Zelma Donalson   •  

    “At the end of the day… you are looking for SEO and if they are so good in SEO… shoudn’t they be ranking 1st for the keyword they are aiming to rank for?”

    I googled “top seo” and “best seo” they rank 1st (at this time).

    But I think $1000 a month is ridiculous.


    Gabriel Machuret Reply:

    Well… nobody googles TOP SEO I’m afraid ;)


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