Time for a break: end of 2011 is here (for me)

So I’m taking a small break for 6 weeks. No more SEO chat. No more talking about links and about ranking. No more talking about what “really works” .

Instead time to go to the beach, watch Sebastian in Tennis lessons (my 6 year old … next Australian Champion) and take Dominic (my 2 year old son) to our local swimming pool.

Time to read more amazing books that has nothing to do with Google.

Time to learn about different things.

Time to have breakfast with Elmo at Seaworld (in a few weeks)

Time to build niche sites that In fact I like.

Time to go back scuba diving.

Time to blog for fun and not to create buzz….

Time to watch amazing Interviews at Mixergy.

Time to spend more time in SEO for Kids .

Time to re-launch SEO course with my own videos and my Southamerican accent

Time to say no to new customers and hello and thanks again to existing customers.

Time to learn to play golf properly. (I’m still trying…)



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SEO professional living in the South Coast of NSW - Australia. SEO is what I do... I'm not a web guy, or a webmaster, or a designer... I just do SEO ;) Love it. Enjoy it and I still have fun doing it."> Gabriel Machuret


  1. Sandy   •  

    Hi Gabriel,

    first, i wish you all the Best for your Time with your Hobbys and Family and your Friends.

    Everyone need a Break.
    I´m glad to find your Site and i`m thankful for Sharing your Tips about Seo and all the other Methods.

    I wish you a great Time !!!!

    Greetings from Germany


  2. Mohsin   •  

    I hope you will have a good holiday time with your kids and will come back with some more exciting posts for us :) .


  3. Frank Bowes   •  

    Aw, and I just got here for the first time. I wish I could afford to take a break; I must be doing something wrong. I suppose I will have four days over Christmas with the kids.


  4. james   •  

    mr lucky huh :)

    have fun in the sun Gabriel



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